NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Metro Police have arrested an alleged carjacker who detectives say has reported ties to a major car theft and burglary operation.

Metro Police recently reported 80 car burglaries in just two weeks on the west side of town. In half of the burglaries, the doors were unlocked. In many others, the suspects broke out the windows. In the burglaries, they stole many items including handguns.

Police arrested 20-year-old Jamontez Deshun Howse on Thursday. Investigators say Howse is a ‘major player’ of the crew.

“This individual has been on our radar for the last couple of years. He’s been doing the same thing, he is part of an organized group. They are looking for guns, for unlocked cars, for people who leave their keys in their vehicle,” said an undercover MNPD detective.

Howse’s capture began very early in the morning Thursday when a Cadillac Escalade was stolen out of a driveway on Lynwood Blvd. Investigators spotted Howse driving the stolen SUV later in the day. OnStar helped officers track the SUV to an on-ramp near Briley Parkway and Dickerson Pike.

Patrol officers, aviation, and members of the Juvenile Crime Task Force descended on that area, and at the appropriate moment, police signaled OnStar to shut down the SUV.

A detective close to the scene described the frantic moments that followed.

“The doors are open, the flashing lights are on,” he said as he and his partner raced down the ramp toward the disabled SUV.

Officers witnessed Howse with a stolen pistol in hand pulling on door handles of moving cars, threatening motorists, and trying to get into their cars.

“He’s running down the ramp trying to actively carjack multiple people and we are trying to put ourselves between him and the victim,” said the undercover detective.

Another undercover detective made the physical arrest of Howse.

“You can see it in the faces of motorists as we are approaching the individual, they definitely seem terrified, they don’t know what to do or where to go,” said the arresting undercover detective.

The other undercover officer adds, “At that point, my partner goes hands-on with Mr. Howse. At that point, I discovered a pistol he had thrown down and we were able to take him into custody.”

The day Howse was arrested, Metro Police released a video of suspects rummaging through unlocked cars on Calloway court.

Detectives say the video showed Howse and his crew looking for valuables and weapons.

Belle Meade Police also confirm to News 2 that Howse is a strong suspect in a crime wave that came through that city earlier in the week.

At the time, Belle Meade Police showed News 2 video of a black Infinity that was stolen in Nashville, then driven into Belle Meade and used to break into other cars. That vehicle was recovered in Nashville on Friday.

A family had their white Lexus stolen out of their driveway earlier in the week. Police now say Howse is a suspect in that auto theft. The family got their stolen car back within an hour.

“They’re stealing cars to commit other crimes. So if you are leaving your car unlocked with your keys in it, you are contributing to more criminal activity in Nashville, especially the people who leave guns in their vehicles,” said an undercover MNPD detective.