Metro Police, Cheatham County officers team up to apprehend alleged car thieves

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – When a stolen car full of young people sped west on Interstate 40 out of Nashville, Metro Police gave chase.

When that car sped over the Cheatham County line, Cheatham County officers joined the chase.

It all ended at around 10:15 p.m. Thursday night at a Kingston Springs gas station off Exit 188.

Body cam and dash cam video shows what happened next.

At least half a dozen cars chased the silver Ford into the gas station. That’s where the vehicle stopped between the pumps and officers then surrounded the vehicle.

Within seconds, officers got out of their cars with their weapons drawn.

“Driver let me see your hands now! Hands! Hands! Hands,” could be heard coming from all directions.

Moments are tense as officers, weapons drawn, ordered the four people out of the stolen car.

“Face away! Face away! Walk backwards to my voice,” the officers commanded.

One after another after another, the people surrendered, getting to their knees and then on their stomachs.

That’s when officers secured each suspect and walked them to the back of a waiting squad car.

According to officers on the scene, one of the suspects was as young as 14.

Lt. Ken Miller with the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Department tells News 2, “We never know what we are getting into. A traffic stop like that on a stolen vehicle; do they have a gun? We don’t know. So we have to be forceful to take control of that situation to make sure they are safe and we are safe.”

On the video, you can see Cheatham officers who have never met Metro officers working with each other in unison, taking the felons into custody and doing it safely.

“I got you covered, brother,” one of the Cheatham officers says as he walks behind a Metro officer taking a new position.

“What happens there is a consistency of training across the state. We are trained to the same standards on situations like this so they were able to communicate with each other. They were able to say I’m doing this and you are doing that and everyone knew where to go, what to do and how to do it,” Lt. Miller said.

When it was all over, a Metro officer told Cheatham officers how it all began.

“We had a call saying it was at a location so we were setting up on it. There were only two ways out, trying to set up on it with spikes on both ends. They jumped us, they took off, we lit it up, our helicopter pursued,” the officer said.

Lt. Miller added, “It’s all about working together to make the public safer.”

None of the suspects or officers were injured in this chase.

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