NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Metro Police stopped 21 cars Friday night during their latest street racer sting.

On Friday night, a red camero fled from police, ran a stop light and was later involved in an accident at the corner of Edmondson and Nolensville Pike. The driver was taken into custody and is facing charges of reckless driving, felony evading arrest and driving without a license.

Later that night, officers saw Quazeah Holiday and Raymond Clark drag racing in Dodge Chargers on Interstate 24. A helicopter was able to follow them and tracked them to homes where they were later arrested.

“I get a lot of complaints, and I mean every single weekend in regards to drag racing,” Metro Councilwoman Joy Styles said. “They will gather in locations to have a car show or do donuts and that noise travels.”

Styles also says there is a large safety concern associated with drag racing.

“There have been many accidents. We’ve had people run into homes, run off the road,” she said.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more complaints have surfaced regarding drag racing. Styles says it’s because of less cars and more open roads.

In total, officers stopped 21 cars, handed out 20 violations, seven felony charges, six misdemeanor charges and three misdemeanor citations all related to reckless driving on Friday night. Officers also recovered a hand gun and 356 grams of marijuana.

Police also seized the 2018 gray Dodge Charger and the 2019 white Dodge Charger Holiday and Clark were driving while drag racing.

To try and end drag racing, Styles is pushing to have license plate scanners installed on some of Nashville’s public roads. As of now, scanners are not allowed to operate on public right of ways, but Styles is asking councilmembers to reconsider this law.