MAURY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Human remains found in a remote Maury County field in Santa Fe have been collected and sent to the medical examiner’s office for further analysis.

According to the Maury County Sheriff’s Office, the disturbing discovery was made by accident as deputies were looking for domestic violence suspect Charles Turner.

Deputies were behind his home off Hood Road when they made the grisly discovery.

To this point, investigators have not said much about what they found, or how long they believe the human remains have been in the field.

Investigators say domestic violence suspect Turner, now behind bars, is not linked to the human remains at this time.

Turner said, “As far as me knowing anything about a body being out there, no I do not.”

According to a Maury County press release, “Deputies responded to a domestic violence call on Hood Road. A male subject fled the home prior to law enforcement’s arrival.”

When News 2 arrived at the home Wednesday, the front door was open and the smell of smoke was still in the air. There were burned clothes spread out in the grass debris scattered about.

A check of warrants on Mr. Turner shows aggravated domestic assault charges from April 12, 2020. The affidavit states Turner kicked a female one time in the side of the face/jaw area. The woman told investigators at that time a 48-year-old threatened the woman with a bat and a chain prior to kicking her. The affidavit states the alleged attack happened at the home on Hood Road.

According to investigators, on Monday there was another incident that included violence and a fire.

When asked about Monday’s incident, Turner claimed he was the victim.

“No, she burnt my clothes and I hit 911. She had a ball bat, and she was whoopin me with a ball bat. I’m the one who got assaulted,” he said.

Though Sheriff Bucky Rowland says Turner is not linked to the remains his deputies found, News 2 asked Turner for his reaction to the grisly discovery.

“I think it needs to be taken care of and the remains need to be back to the family, because if it was me or my people, I’d want the body to bury, yes sir.”

Tuesday afternoon, News 2 documented Maury County officers and members of Middle Tennessee State University’s forensic anthropology search and recovery team as they collected the evidence from the remote hillside.

Maury County officials tell News 2 that evidence is now at the medical examiner’s office for further analysis.

A press release indicates, “The search was difficult due to the thick vegetation but the team had good finds and collected evidence along with the remains.”

Turner added, “I think it is bad for a body to be there. I wish they would find out who it was and let’s get this behind us and let me get out and go back to work, because I don’t know anything about a body.”

The sheriff’s office asks anyone with information on the human remains found off Hood Road to contact investigators at 931-388-5151.