NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A 67-year-old man was arrested twice over a 24-hour period Monday, days after charges were dismissed for an alleged attack on several hospital employees inside of a Nashville parking garage.

An arrest warrant states Larry Brown, 67, was taken into custody Monday night on a public intoxication charge that stemmed from a disturbance at Apple Annie’s Inn on Dickerson Pike, then moved to a nearby restaurant.

Larry Brown (Courtesy: Metro Nashville Police Department)

Brown was highly intoxicated and yelled at, cursed at and acted belligerently toward employees of Brother Z’s Wang Shack, according to a police report.

Earlier in the morning, a warrant reveals Brown had been arrested on a public intoxication charge after an alleged disturbance at the Cumberland Inn.

Court records show both public intoxication charges were promptly dismissed.

News 2 learned Monday that six assault charges against Brown had been dismissed last week. Those charges were related to an attack on six people, including nurses and a security guard, inside of a parking garage at Saint Thomas Midtown last month.

Police responded around 6:15 a.m. on April 14 to the hospital parking garage, located on 20th Avenue North at State Street, where they learned at least six people, Saint Thomas staff members and a security guard, had been attacked by a man on an elevator.

Officers said the suspect, identified as Brown, had received treatment at the hospital and was discharged, but refused to leave.

After being escorted off the property, police said Brown entered the garage and rode the elevator up and down, assaulting five female hospital employees, some of which were nurses, by punching them in the head.

A hospital security guard looking for Brown found him in a stairwell on the sixth floor of the parking garage, where police said Brown punched the guard in the head.

A letter from the Vanderbilt University Forensic Evaluation Team to Davidson County Judge John Aaron Holt obtained Monday by News 2 states a doctor interviewed Brown on April 28, two weeks after the attack, and determined he was “not competent” to stand trial.

Brown’s “competency deficits” are primarily due to a neurocognitive disorder that is “not likely to respond to treatment or improve with time,” according to the letter.

Larry Brown
Larry Brown (Courtesy: Metro Nashville Police Department)

The Office of District Attorney, Glenn Funk told News 2 they cannot legally prosecute Brown because the U.S. Constitution prohibits the prosecution of an individual who does not have the mental capacity to understand their actions.

The 67-year-old has a lengthy criminal history, having been arrested more than 200 times since 1975, including multiple assault charges, according to police.

He was convicted in 2019 of assaulting a female health care provider after hitting a fire department medic, while being transported in an ambulance.