NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A man accused of attacking at least a half dozen hospital staff in a Midtown parking garage Wednesday morning has a lengthy criminal history.

Metro police say 67-year-old Larry Brown rode the 20th Avenue North parking garage elevator up and down randomly, assaulting staff of Ascension Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital.

A call between a dispatcher and Saint Thomas hospital staff gives insight on how an elevator ride turned terrifying.

“I’ve gotten a call that you’ve got some people that have been assaulted at the 20th Avenue garage,” the dispatcher is heard saying. “Another victim walked in, had been assaulted so apparently this guy must be going up and down the elevator. They pushed him out on the 4th floor; the second victim said he was on the third floor and assaulted them.”

Police say that man pushed out of the elevator after punching hospital staff is Larry Brown.

“Y’all haven’t found him yet right?” the dispatcher asks. 

“No mam but we know exactly who it is,” the employee states.

Brown had received treatment at the hospital and was escorted by security off the property after refusing to leave. However, he soon returned, entering the parking garage and assaulting staff on the elevator, concerning employees and others like Adrian Taylor, whose girlfriend is a nurse at the hospital.

“It is very disheartening, because they are doing what they can to help people and then you’ve got people like him doing stuff that shouldn’t be happening,” Taylor told News 2. 

Brown is not only known by hospital staff, but by police. He has a long criminal history, having been arrested more than 200 times since 1975.

In 2019, he was convicted of assaulting yet another female health care provider and just last year he was charged with punching an employee at Krispy Kreme in midtown during a robbery.

His troubled past raises questions for those like Taylor.

“My thing is why ain’t he in jail? Why is he running around on the streets and doing this stuff? I mean he could do it to anybody, not just nurses,” he stated. 

Brown is charged with six counts of assault for the random attacks against five women and a male security guard in a parking garage, but police say additional victims have come forward and more charges are likely.