Madison woman warns neighbors after burglars caught on camera

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Amber Keith did everything right.  

“I was so mad I was shaking,” she said. “I just wanted to climb through the camera.” 

She protected her home by arming it with surveillance. 

“The lady comes out of the truck and came up and knocked on the door,” Keith says. “So she was checking to see if anybody was here.” 

Keith wasn’t home, but she was watching through her security cams. And she had to helplessly witness being burglarized. 

“While I’m looking at it going on, on the camera, I’m like wait a minute, we don’t know these people!” 

Keith walked us through what happened next. 

“They pull around the driveway here and they slow down when they come around this corner because we have another camera,” she points out. 

The cameras didn’t slow down the couple in this truck. 

They load up a lawnmower and other tools, totaling more than $2,500, and then fearlessly drive through the back yard to get away. 

“Up through the neighbor’s yard, onto their driveway and then took off on the road and went right,” says Keith.  

She says the next morning another neighbor got hit. Now she’s warning others, still mad, but still determined to protect other people like her. 

“I want them to be caught, I want them to stop stealing from people,” Keith says. “People work hard for their stuff.” 

It’s why she wants her message shared. it’s why she’s fighting back. 

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