MACC seizes malnourished horse, dogs from Joelton home

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Metro Animal Care and Control officers seized animals from a Joelton residence. Two malnourished rottweilers and a horse that was so sick, it didn’t survive the ride to the vet’s office. 

When Metro Animal Care and Control investigators arrived Thursday at the Joelton home, they found a 14-month old female horse so weak she couldn’t stand on her own.  

“Correct, the horse was very weak, it had to be assisted up, it was very thin, you could see hip bones, rib bones,” said Ashley Harrington with MACC.  

According to MACC investigators, there was no food for the animal, forcing the bay mare to eat bark off nearby trees.  

“There were trees near the horse, up to the horse’s neck was eaten. The bark eaten off the trees. There was no visible hay on the ground. There was new hay no old hay, so there had not been any hay out there for that horse for some time,” said Harrington.  

Sadly, on the way to the vet’s office, the young horse died. According to investigators, when asked why this happened, the horse owner told investigators on scene that she didn’t realize anything was wrong. 

“The owner stated a couple of times, she is not 100 percent familiar in the care of horses. So maybe it was a lack of education, maybe several things surrounding that.” 

Two rottweilers at the home, a male and female, were also seized. Animal control officers say the dogs were malnourished and living in deplorable conditions 

The animals were brought back to MACC Headquarters for medical treatment where they are on the mend. 

The horse owner was issued a state citation for animal cruelty and abuse.  

The dogs could be adopted out once the case is adjudicated. 

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