Lawyer for Baby Joe’s father says they’re not going to find anything

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DICKSON COUNTY, Tn. (WKRN) — No digging took place behind the home of Baby Joe Friday, but the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations tells News 2 the search is still ongoing.

Baby Joe’s father, Joe Daniels’ is charged with his murder and his mother faces abuse charges.

Daniels’ lawyer Public Defender Jake Lockert tells News 2 he does not think TBI is going to find anything behind the house. He confirms they believe the tip came from a neighbor who saw the grandparents out back cleaning storm debris. He says at most they may find animal bones.

Lockert said the TBI has been very thorough in this investigation, just releasing ten terabytes of data to him– he says equivalent to about 900 million pages of information for a trial. They include surveillance video from neighbors, patrol cars, cell phone and Facebook messages — as well as video testimony. He says in it is the testimony that Daniels made admitting to killing Baby Joe, but then later redacted.

“Nobody really knows what happened to little Joe. I know that my client has made confessions, but the more information we get the more it looks like he made a false confession,” Lockert told News 2.

“After he’s questioned five or six hours he’s just the type of person that finally just told the police what he thought they wanted to hear, and so he made up a story and said he beat the child to death in the living room, there’s no physical evidence that that happened at all. No blood, no anything, and the rest of his story the more discovery we go through the more we see that what he said happened just didn’t happen,” he added.

Lockert was out at the Daniels’ residence Thursday measuring from the driveway down the road where a witness said they last saw Baby Joe standing in his pajamas that night. Lockert said that was about 3 football fields away from where investigators are digging now.

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