Lawrenceburg woman says someone is using her dead brother’s cell phone following crash

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LAWRENCEBURG, Tenn. (WKRN) — On Friday, 28-year old Tim Folsom died in a single-car accident on West Point Road in Lawrenceburg. He was driving his sister’s 2007 Honda Accord, which is now a mangled pile of metal.

According to a preliminary report from the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Folsom was traveling north on West Point Road and crashed while attempting to negotiate a right curve. He swerved left and traveled off to the left shoulder, according to the report. The car rotated counter-clockwise, striking a tree on the passenger side.

Folsom died on the scene. But his sister, Lily Holley, said another family received a text message from Folsom’s phone after the crash.

“Somebody on the scene of the accident got his phone and they texted a family member, we think it was the last person he had called, and they informed that family member that he had passed away and that he was being sent to Southern Regional Hospital in Lawrenceburg,” Holley said. “What would make them take the phone? I don’t know.”

THP confirms they did not recover a cell phone from the scene.

Holley said whoever does have the smart phone is still using it. She sent News 2 a screen shot showing someone using her brother’s Facebook profile days after his death.

She says Folsom’s phone has irreplaceable memories and photos, and could hold digital records that may explain why he swerved off the road.

“If he pressed snooze on his alarm clock a million times we will know that he was running late,” Holley said. “If he was trying to call his job to let them know he was running late, it will just give us a better idea.”

According to Holley, Folsom has a 7-year old son who is having a hard time understanding what happened to his father. She’s begging whoever has the phone to come forward. The family does not want to press charges, they just want closure.

“We know God has everything happen for a reason and so we’re trying to trust in that. He’s a comforter in our time of need,” Holley said.

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