DICKSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) –The man accused of killing his young son in Dickson County appearing in Dickson County court Thursday morning.  

Attorneys for Joseph Daniels want to move him from Riverbend Maximum Security Institution to a special needs facility that treats inmates with serious medical issues and mental illnesses. 

A judge previously denied his request to be moved to the Dickson County jail. 

Since his incarceration, Daniels has reportedly lost 80 pounds. His attorneys argued that this is reason enough for a judge to grant his transfer request to Lois M De Berry Special Needs Facility, which is across the street from Riverbend. 

Since his incarceration, Daniels has reportedly lost 80 pounds. (WKRN photo)

Daniels’ attorneys also cited his diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder, as well as his problems sleeping, as additional reasons for his transfer. 

“It’s just, it’s hard for me to sleep at night,” Daniels said on the stand. “They gave me some medication to try to help but every now and then it doesn’t work, I wind up waking up throughout the night and I’m having very vivid dreams and nightmares.”

Lastly, attorneys for Daniels said that they have had problems visiting Daniels and other clients housed at Riverbend in the past because the facility only allows inmates to have visitors once a day for a maximum of three hours. Visitors are also required to leave during meal times. 

DeBerry’s deputy director of health also took the stand Thursday. She disputed the defense’s claims that Daniels should be moved to her facility, saying he is receiving adequate medical care at Riverbend. 

Beds at DeBerry, she explained, are reserved for inmates suffering from serious and untreatable medical conditions like cancer, and mental health problems that require 24-hour attention.

She said, after reviewing Daniels’ case more than once, he does not qualify for placement there. 

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The judge again denied the transfer request. However, he did move to allow Daniels and his attorneys a private place at Riverbend to meet when needed. 

Joe Clyde’s mother, Krystal Daniels, was also present in court on Thursday but it’s unclear why. 

Daniels is awaiting trial for the murder of his son, Joe Clyde Daniels.

He admitted to killing him after an Endangered Child Alert was issued in April 2018 by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation but his body has never been found.  

The TBI believes Daniels intentionally killed Baby Joe and hid his body. Baby Joe’s mother Crystal Daniels is also charged in the case and remains jailed.  

Their trials are expected to be held in 2020.

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