‘It could be someone else, next’: Victim of Hendersonville road rage incident speaks out

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HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A morning commute turned into a nightmare after officers say a case of road rage led to gunfire.

The victim spoke to News 2 on the condition of anonymity.

The woman, a mother, and nurse said she was traveling in the westbound lanes of Vietnam Veterans Boulevard between the Saundersville Road and New Shackle Island Road exits when a white pickup truck started following her closely.

“This white truck come up on my rear end, turned on his bright lights and started doing a pulsing motion behind my car. Speeding up and slowing back, speeding up and slowing back,” she said.

She believes the driver behind her thought she was going to slow.

She said suddenly the car pulled into the far lane like it was going to exit on Indian Lake Boulevard but instead, gunshots rang out.

“At that point, all I saw was the flash and I heard it hit my car and I took off as fast as I could take off,”

Hendersonville police are investigating the incident as an act of road rage.

Less than a year ago, the woman shared that her child would have been in the back seat.

“The bullet entered on the rear passenger door, it exited the door and lodged all the way in the transmission hump in the middle of my car. Had my son been sitting here in the car seat, like he was less than a year ago when I took him to daycare, his legs would’ve been hanging down there. The bullet would’ve entered his legs based on the pathway,” the woman said through tears.

“Put my life aside. Where it entered, it could’ve hit my son. That alone, that’s all that matters to me. It could be someone else next. If someone is willing to do that over sixty seconds, then obviously they’re willing to do it again at some point,”

Anyone with information regarding the identity of the suspect or the suspect vehicle, a white pickup, is asked to contact Hendersonville Crime Stoppers at 615-594-4113.

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