Investigators bust confessed catalytic converter thieves in Dickson

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DICKSON, Tenn. (WKRN) — Two men confessed to multiple catalytic converter thefts after Dickson County deputies and Dickson police officers swarmed a truck repair lot and took the men into custody in a felony take down.

It happened just before 5 a.m. Wednesday morning after the same Dickson truck lot had been hit by catalytic converter thieves at least two different times in recent weeks. Deputies and officers targeted the lot for extra patrols, and Wednesday morning it paid off when a deputy drove by and saw two flashlights underneath cars.

“It’s awesome law enforcement work by these deputies out here taking their jobs serious,” said Dickson County Sheriff Tim Eads, “We just switched over to shifts to put more deputies on patrol.”

Deputy Jason Denmark’s body cam shows much of the dramatic action as Dickson deputies and city police converge on the truck repair lot on Highway 48 South.

You can hear the investigators yelling to see hands and ordering the suspect to get on the ground.

City officers quickly take Joshua Hood into custody. The 24-year-old has drugs on his person.

His partner, 25-year-old Benjamin Murrell makes a run for it, through a rear fence that authorities say the duo cut for easy access. The Bon Aqua man is also quickly captured.

“It’s pretty dramatic, these guys are risking their lives to stop a property crime. These guys don’t know if they are armed or hardened criminals,” said Sheriff Eads.

Investigators ultimately found burglary tools, mats to lay on, and a car jack under a vehicle. Authorities say the duo was in the process of removing parts to get to the catalytic converters.

“He had a battery-operated Sawzall and other stolen property with them and they were cutting off catalytic converters,” Sheriff Eads said.

According to the police report, when questioned why he was stealing catalytic converters, Josh Hood reportedly said he saw it on Facebook and his friends said it would be easy money.

Sheriff Tim Eads had this message for other would-be catalytic converter thieves: “We are looking for you every night and day. We patrol businesses and we have stepped up our manpower. I would not come here and try to do this type of crime.”

According to investigators, the men have confessed to all three catalytic converter crimes at the truck lot. Authorities say the investigation continues.

Both men are charged with three counts of aggravated criminal trespassing, possession of burglary tools, two counts of felony theft of property, and one count of misdemeanor theft of property.

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