‘I just felt like doing it’ Man takes Ashland City police on chase over speeding ticket

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ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A young man with no previous criminal history fled from the Ashland City police. 

At times the chase reaches speeds over 100 miles an hour.  

Why’d he run? He told police he felt like it.  

Ashland City police chief Kenny Ray says, “We tried to stop him for speeding, and he decided he would not stop.” 

It happened early Wednesday morning in Ashland City. That’s when city police officer Ben Moore tried to stop a silver Toyota Highlander 4-runner.  

The driver, later identified as Tevin Willingham, refused to stop and took off.  

Multiple times, the 19-year-old drove over the double yellow line. At one point, he was doing 57 miles per hour over the speed limit.  

On body cam, you officer Ben Moore say, “Alright now I’m doing 102 mph in a 45mph.” 

Chief Ray said the young man created unnecessary danger. 

“Well, speeding down Main Street, a two-lane highway with children and people walking at night is very dangerous.” 

After police flattened his tires with a spike strip, Willingham pulled over. On body cam, officer Moore can be heard screaming, “Let me see your hands!” 

The next few moments were tense as the officer continually yelled to see the teenager’s hands. Willingham sat in his car blasting his music.  

Moore says, “We got one at gunpoint,” his gun trained on the SUV.  

Chief Ray realized the actions of the young man could’ve gotten someone hurt, including Willingham.  

“It could’ve but they handled it well, as the way they are trained to do.” 

Eventually, officer Moore pulled the 19-year-old to the ground. Once secure, he asked the young man why he ran.  

“I just felt like doing it,” Willingham can be heard telling the officer.  

“You felt like doing it. Pretty stupid man. You could’ve killed someone dude. All you had to do was pull over, all I had you for was speeding,” the officer responded.  

“I knew I was speeding,” Willingham said.  

“You could’ve killed someone man,” said officer Moore.  

Willingham: “It was a possibility.”  

Officer Moore: “Exactly.”  

Willingham: “I don’t care no more.”  

Officer Moore: You don’t care no more? How old are you?  

Willingham: “Old enough.”  

Chief Ray says the moral of this is “just pull over it is just a speeding ticket.”  

Willingham is in the Cheatham County Jail. He is charged with evading arrest. He declined an on-camera interview.  

Before the high-speed chase, Willingham had no prior arrest history in Tennessee.  

He is in jail under a $5,000 bond. 

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