GILES CO., Tenn. (WKRN) — One million dollars is being offered now to find and convict the killer of a Giles County businessman.

Tuesday marks six months since Jim Grimes was murdered on the property of his Lynnville home.

Dozens of people gathered in the Lynnville square with ‘Justice for Jim’ signs as investigators with the Giles County Sheriff’s Department announced the significant increase in the reward money thanks to the help of community business partners across the state.

Investigators said they have identified a person of interest, but they have not yet been named.

They said the person of interest is not being cooperative and they need some new state of the art technology to find the missing piece to the puzzle.

Investigators hope with the help of the FBI that closure on the case is coming soon.

Dawn Grimes, Jim’s widow said she is not giving up. “It’s close. We are so close, and I have hope. I have not given up hope. I have hope, and I feel we are there any day. We just need a little bit more time, and we need help from the community,” she cried.

A look inside their home on the peaceful 20 acre property six months later, and it’s as though it’s frozen in time.

“His pants are still hanging on the door. I can’t bring myself to move anything, because I can still, I can still smell him on his clothes, and it’s comforting to me,” she cried.

The sweet smell of her forever love peppered with love notes and pictures, is all the widow has left of her husband to physically grasp.

“I’ll never understand how someone can think so little of a human being that they would kill, that they would kill somebody. I can’t, I can’t understand that,” she said.

April 19th, Jim was shot near his barn while feeding the animals. A murder that has left the small community devastated.

“That much hate, that much anger that you would devalue someone like that it’s incomprehensible to me,” Dawn explained.

Who and why remains a mystery leaving the family feeling helpless.

“I feel like I can’t mourn my husband, because I have to concentrate on finding who killed him, and that’s the only thing that keeps me going,” she said. 

Dawn stands strong in her commitment that her husband’s killer will soon come face to face with their heartbroken family.

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“And more importantly they are going to have to face their Lord. You know whatever we can do to them is nothing compared to what they will have to face when their time comes, and I know it’s horrible to say, but that day can’t some soon enough for me,” she added.

The FBI and TBI are assisting in the investigation.

The million dollar reward will go to the person who leads to the arrest and conviction of the killer. If you have any information you can remain anonymous and call the Giles County Sheriff’s Department at 931-638-2358 or 1-800-TBI-FIND.