Hermitage home declared ‘public nuisance’ after police raid

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Metro police conducted a raid at a home in Hermitage Thursday morning, declaring the residence a ‘public nuisance.”

Multiple tactical officers responded to the home on Monaco Drive.

According to Metro police, “after dealing with a homicide and multiple drug issues at 365 Monaco Drive in Hermitage, enough is enough.”

As police were executing the raid, someone inside the home dropped a gun from a window.

  • Monaco Drive nuisance house gun
  • Paul Newsome
  • Monaco Drive nuisance house
  • Paul Newsome
  • Monaco Drive nuisance house
  • Monaco Drive nuisance house
  • Monaco Drive nuisance house

Twenty-six people were found inside the home during the raid, according to Metro police. Eleven of them have outstanding warrants and will be charged while the others will be detained.

An infant was found inside the home during the raid among what police describe as “horrendous” conditions. Paramedics were called to the home to evaluate the child’s condition. The child has been placed in the custody of its grandmother.

The Hermitage precinct has responded to 109 calls at the home over the last seven years.

According to a press release, it is rare for Metro police to padlock a private residence. Metro police spokesperson Don Aaron said this is only the fourth time it has happened.

Homeowner Paul Newsome, 51, failed to heed repeated warnings to respect his community and neighborhood by addressing the drug use and violence at the residence, according to a release. He has an outstanding federal warrant on weapons charges and will be placed into federal custody.

Metro police executed three search warrants at the home during 2019. According to a press release, a live monkey was found in the residence during one search in May along with meth and a 12-gauge shotgun.

Matthew Stewart, 22, was killed in a shooting at the home on July 17, 2019 during a trade of drugs for a gun, according to Metro police. Stewart was involved in an argument with Christian Mendl, who was wounded in the arm. Stewart’s death remains under investigation.

The home is expected to be boarded up and padlocked after the investigation is complete.

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