Hendersonville police looking for alleged trailer thief

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HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – An all-points bulletin is being issued for an alleged trailer thief who is reportedly using a minor to help pull off the jobs. 

A doorbell camera from May 23 in Old Hickory showed the crime as it happened. 

The man, now identified as Christopher Plemons, backed his white Ford F-150 into the driveway and police say he was stealing the utility trailer. 

By phone, the owner, who chooses to remain anonymous says, “they went over and grabbed my ATV trailer, about a thousand-dollar trailer. It was locked, but this guy knows what he is doing.” 

The worst part of this crime? Police told News 2 the man brought a child to the crime and had the child knock on the door to make sure that nobody was home.  

On the video, the child helped the man work on the trailer and a few minutes later the kid jumped in the truck and Plemons pulled out of the driveway.  

Authorities said a black car was working at the top of the driveway as a lookout.  

The victim says the fact that a child was brought to the crime scene upsets him the most.  

“It was the kid. I mean, come on, this kid, my God, his own dad is teaching him to steal, and sooner or later that kid is going to end up in prison or he is going to end up dead.” 

At least three police departments, Mt. Juliet, Metro police, and Hendersonville police, are now on the lookout for the suspect.  

“This is normal to this child. He knows to go and steal things. This is what he is learning from his father.  That is not how you are supposed to grow up your dad is supposed to show you how to fish, how to be a good citizen, not be a good thief,” said Detective David Harrell with Hendersonville police.  

A few days earlier, the same white Ford pickup was seen casing a Hendersonville business.  

Police say Plemons cut a hole in the fence and then pulled the utility trailer by hand through the fence and onto the street where he ultimately stole it. 

Hendersonville police say Plemons was last seen driving a Ford F-150 with the toolbox mounted behind the cab and in the old hickory theft, a black car, possibly a Nissan, was working as a lookout at the top of the driveway. 

“I would say stop teaching your child to steal. Be a man. Come take responsibility for your actions,” said Det. Harrell when asked if he had anything to say to the suspect.  

If you have seen Plemons, call Hendersonville police. 

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