Gun owner wants to help young teens who had his stolen pistol in teddy bear

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Metro Police say they found three guns sewn into a teddy bear. Four fourteen-year-olds and a fifteen-year-old were arrested.

Two of the three guns were reported stolen. One of those guns belongs to Raymond Hand.

Hand says mentors students in the Metro School system. He grew emotional when he learned young teens had his loaded handgun in their possession.

“Someone needs to take a chance on these kids and God willing it’s their parents,” said Hand. “Where were the parents when they were sewing up a gun in a teddy bear like the one my daughter sleeps with at night?”

Metro Police say they found the bear when they searched an apartment in the 1200 block of 14th Ave S Saturday night.

Hand says the gun was stolen from his West Nashville apartment in December.

“Whoever came into my apartment and took those weapons knew where they were, had to have some type of information from someone and I don’t just let anyone in my house,” he said. “Since this incident, I’ve had to remove myself from mentoring young teens until I can get this figured out.”

However, he doesn’t want the teens to go to jail. He wants the community to help.

“We should get involved in these kids lives,” Hand said. “Please please, find a student. Find a young adult. They’re not prepared for college, they need us. They have to have us. Their parents are not involved. If they were, they would’ve never had a gun in their room.”

The five teens were charged unlawful gun possession, theft and marijuana possession.

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