Greenbrier police arrest woman found unconscious with drugs

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(Source: Greenbrier Police Department)

GREENBRIER, Tenn. (WKRN) – Greenbrier police arrested a 46-year-old woman in possession of drugs who was found unconscious behind the wheel of her vehicle.

When police searched her rental car, they found meth and other contraband.

Jenny Ryder had little to say to News 2 as she watched investigators place the drugs on the trunk of her car.

Authorities showed News 2 dozens of syringes, drug pipes and vials containing narcotics residue.

Police also say Ryder had narcan and investigators confiscated pills, along with seven grams of meth, in both liquid and crystal form.

Officer Josh Malone told News 2, “She stated that she had a brother who died from overdose using meth with fentanyl in it, and she continues to use it on herself.”

“Greenbrier for better or worse is like every other community in the nation, suffering from the drug problem. We have people dying. We have families being torn apart. The stuff’s everywhere. Greenbrier’s a great town. We’ve got great people in it. Unfortunately, narcotics is like COVID. It’s very hard to stop,” Greenbrier Police Chief Randy Pack said.

Ryder was charged with multiple crimes, including possession of meth.

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