GOODLETTSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A counterfeiting crew of two is busted after a number of Goodlettsville businesses were ripped off.

Though the pair is charged, some of their fake bills are still on the run.

“It feels great to not only help one victim but numerous victims bc this was an act that wasn’t going to stop until they got caught.” Detective Jeff Hunter said, with the Goodlettsville Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Unit.

For now, it’s stopped, following an arrest. But it started in early May.. That’s when Detective Hunter saID fake $20, even $50 bills started popping up around town.

Police worked with a nearby grocery store to develop their suspect, Amber Gothard, who was spotted at the Kroger in Goodlettsville on May 16th.

That’s where, Detective Hunter says Gothard spent four of the fake bills on money packs, which transfer money into your bank account.

Detective Hunter was able to follow Gothard from Kroger to the Baymont Inn and Suites across the street, where at some point she met up with a man named Antonio McGill, who gave officers written consent to search his hotel room.

Police find more than $2,900 worth of counterfeit cash and a printer.

“When they print the money, they’ll copy a real bill first and sit there and draw the lines on it and once they start printing the money that’s how they will make their cuts,” Detective Hunter said. “From a quick glance it could be very easy for someone to accept these bills.”

Detective Hunter said it’s important for area businesses to remain vigilant and check their cash.

“If you have 20-dollar bills make sure all the serial numbers don’t match. Counterfeit pens are still great but be extra careful when you accept money,” Detective Hunter said. “From a quick glance it could be very easy for someone to accept these bills and that’s why multiple reasons have and now with the attention this case is going to bring maybe they will be on the lookout for it more and maybe it’ll stop.”

If you have any information about counterfeit crimes you can contact Nashville Crime Stoppers at (615) 74-CRIME. Callers remain anonymous and qualify for a cash reward.