Goodlettsville police arrest teens on drugs, weapons charges

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GOODLETTSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Is the juvenile justice system tough enough on youthful offenders? Not according to many law officers who say they keep arresting the same young people over and over.

That was the case on Dec. 6. That’s when Goodlettsville Police pulled over a car for a traffic violation. According to the police report, the car smelled of pot and the 18-year-old passenger appeared very nervous.

When the officer asked the passenger, Samari Patton, to get out of the vehicle, he took off.

According to the police report, Patton tried to throw a handgun in his possession and he fell and was quickly arrested.

It was just six months ago that Portland police Detective Jason Arnold was arresting Patton, then 17-years-old, on a number of felonies in Sumner County.

Det. Arnold says Friday’s arrest is not shocking.

“No. It’s nothing new to me. I figured it would happen either in Davidson or Sumner county eventually.”

Arnold shared video from six months ago with News 2 that prominently features Samari Patton.

In the cell phone video, you can clearly see him in the back seat smoking and waving a gun at the camera.

Portland Police arrested Patton and his buddies as they documented themselves allegedly committing crimes that included numerous car burglaries around Sumner County.

Portland police also showed News 2 a photo of Patton posing in a Metro parking garage holding the same gun with the extended magazine seen in the video.

According to Arnold, he is posing with an unidentified man who was also allegedly breaking into cars when this picture was taken.

Patton was 17 when he was arrested for these crimes in Portland. He turned 18 in November. Goodlettsville Police arrested him on Dec. 6.

“Well, nothing really happens to them in the juvenile court system. Mr. Patton has been given every opportunity to change his ways. They get arrested with adult crimes and they get right back out on the street,” said Arnold.

Now, Patton is 18-years-old and he’s back behind bars in Metro facing felonies as an adult.

According to Goodlettsville police on Friday, Patton tossed a handgun when he ran from the law and according to the police report, he tried to smuggle seven grams of marijuana into the Davidson County Jail.

“Now Mr. Patton is an 18-year-old adult and he is facing big boy charges and he will have to deal with that in Davidson county,” said Arnold.

Goodlettsville police also arrested Patton’s buddy, Kyron Northern, who was the driver.

Northern is also 18-years-old and he reportedly sped away, only to be later arrested on the side of I-65. Police say he had one gram on him when he was arrested and police say he hid 47 more grams of pot in the police car on his way to jail.

Arnold says it’s sad that there is no end in sight.

“These kids had no good role models and they are allowed to keep doing what they are doing. If there are no consequences they will just keep doing what they are doing.”

Both teens are charged with a slew of felonies including evading arrest, introduction of drugs into a penal facility, and possession of a firearm during a dangerous felony.

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