Giles Co. deputy arrests burglary suspect on his way to work

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GILES COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – An alert Giles County deputy who was on his way to work spotted a suspicious car at a known meth house that has been condemned for some time.

The deputy’s actions and quick thinking may have solved half a dozen car and home burglaries.

Deputy Ryan Hampton says he is happy to help make the community he lives in a safer place.

“Yes sir, we teach and preach that around here, be diligent and look for stuff.”

It all began around 6:30 a.m. on Jan. 26.

That’s when Deputy Hampton is driving in to work. Hampton spotted a gold Impala parked at a known meth house. He believed it matched the description of a suspect vehicle seen at several area burglaries.

“I pull up to see what’s going on and I get to the driveway and the driver tried to flee through the backyard. The driver got stuck in the back yard. I noticed the plate was covered with something.”

Hampton says there was a piece of clothing tied from the trunk obscuring the license tag. The deputy says that is a method some burglars use to keep from being identified.

Hampton called for back up, then approached the car. The moments were tense as he yelled commands to the driver. He pulled his weapon and ordered the driver – later identified as Kathryn Davis – to exit the vehicle.

“As I approached the vehicle, I was giving the driver verbal commands, show hands, they were not complying at first. Then finally she complied. She started to resist me as I was trying to handcuff her.”

By this time, Pulaski Police officer Adam Oglesby arrived. He too was on his way to work when he heard Hampton’s call for back up.

While officers were investigating, you can see on dashcam, the 41-year-old Davis fidgeting in front of the patrol car. That’s when Hampton says she fished a glass meth pipe out of her pocket and throws it on the ground. She attempted to stomp it into the mud.

“I could hear glass hit the ground and Cpl Oglesby said where did that meth pipe come from and when he said that she stomped it.”

Back at the sheriff’s department, investigators had items laid out on the ground. Hampton says it was all stuffed into Davis’ car.

“The car, from floor to ceiling is full. The whole front seat, the back seat. the whole entire vehicle is full.”

When deputies get the Pulaski woman to the jail, they found approximately 1.8 grams of meth that authorities say she discarded in the back seat of the police car.

Hampton says the bust is rewarding.

“It is hard on people when they get their stuff burglarized, things taken they work hard for. So it feels good to help the community that I live in.”

According to investigators, Kathryn Davis would later implicate herself in at least one home burglary.

She’s charged with aggravated burglary possession of meth and tampering with evidence.

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