Gallatin police searching for convenience store thief wearing surgical glove

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GALLATIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – Gallatin police are on the lookout tonight for a brazen bandit who intimidated a female store clerk, getting away with a cash drawer full of money.

The crime happened at around 3:30 a.m. at the Sudden Service on Airport Road.

Surveillance footage of the crime shows the bandit wearing a mask and hoodie as he entered the store. The young man was also wearing surgical gloves.

According to investigators, the thief paced the store while the clerk got the man his cigarettes.

The moment the clerk put the cigarettes on the counter, the bandit hopped over the counter. The clerk was obviously surprised and frightened as the bandit put his hands on her, taking control of the situation.

The thief ordered her to open the till. Once she did, the bandit scooped out the cash and in 15 seconds, he hopped back over the counter and fled the store.

Police say the man ran through the parking lot. No car was ever seen.

Lt. Lamar Ballard of Gallatin police called the thief brazen.

“That’s right. He goes over the counter, busting the plexi-glass that’s up for safety reasons. He is intimidating the clerk the whole time. He forces her to open the register,” he said.

Although the thief was wearing surgical gloves and a mask, his forehead, eyes and nose were exposed and police hope someone will know who he is.

Gallatin Police quickly responded to the store and officers checked out cars parked in the lot while
interviewing the nervous clerks who recalled the tense moments of the robbery.

“He came up to the counter and asked for two packs of Newport shorts. I grabbed them. I came back around, and asked for his ID. He was digging in his pockets. When he was digging in his pockets I looked back up, and he jumped over the counter. He took everything, told me to move out of the way. ‘Open the drawer. Open the drawer.’ He took it, hopped back over and left.”

“That to me was brazen also. As soon as he came into the store, he is looking around. He is pretty brazen, aggressive toward the clerks,” Lt. Ballard added.

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