FBI looking to identify Florida gang members committing crimes in Middle Tennessee

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The FBI is asking for the community’s help to identify members of the ‘Felony Lane Gang.’ 

News 2 has reported on this gang before, and the FBI said they’re back. 

In new surveillance photos released by the federal agency, the suspects appear to be women, some wearing disguises. 

The photos are dated between Feb. 2nd through 12th and the suspects were spotted in Nashville, Mt. Juliet, Antioch, Goodlettsville, Gallatin, and Hendersonville. 

The FBI said the gang operates out of South Florida and has been active in Middle Tennessee for several years. 

The name comes from the gang’s members using the felony lane, or the farthest lane at banks, to commit identity theft crimes. 

How the gang works is it uses rental cars with tinted windows to surveil parking lots. 

Gang members then break into unattended cars, stealing ID’s, credit cards, even checkbooks, and use that information to withdraw money from banks. 

FBI Special Agent Stephen Fogarty said the gang is run by a group of men who recruit women prostitutes or drug users, and that identifying them is a challenge. 

“Because they’re transient, they stay on the move all the time, a little tougher for law enforcement and because they’re recruiting women, a lot of times, they’re not from the local area, people may or may not recognize them before they go back to Ft. Lauderdale and recharge for a next trip,” said Agent Fogarty. 

Forgarty added the gang often targets victims at gym and daycare parking lots. 

His advice is to not leave belongings in plain view in your car — Rather, put them in your trunk or carry them with you where ever you are going. 

If you have any information on the suspects or the gang call the Nashville FBi office at 615-232-7500

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