Fairview man arrested for allegedly exposing himself to co-worker

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A Bon Aqua mother of two has strong words for a Fairview man now accused of exposing himself to her in their workplace. 

The suspect, Jason Scholl, was arrested Wednesday on charges of indecent exposure. 

According to the Fairview police report, the man, a manager of the Flash Market, reportedly admitted taking off his clothes inside the business where they both worked at the truck stop in Fairview just off Interstate 40.  

According to police, the incident happened early morning on Sept 12. Scholl was the manager at the Flash Market and the victim, Ashley Hale, was working at the Dunkin Donuts, another business under the same roof with no dividing wall between them. 

Ashley Hale is the mother of two young girls and says she was shocked and appalled by the incident. When asked what she was thinking immediately following, she said:  

“I need to either run or call the police or freeze, tell him to get away, is he going to rape me, is he going to kill me.” 

The 30-year-old baker at Dunkin Donuts described how Jason Scholl allegedly turned off all the lights in the business and at the gas station and then exposed himself to her.  

“He was completely naked, naked as a jaybird with a full … shaking it at me. ” 

According to a Fairview police report, the 45-year-old Scholl admitted to exposing himself to Ashley Hale.  

In the report, Scholl says: “he should have put his clothes back on” adding “that was his bad.” 

In the report, he also states that he walks around his house naked all the time.  

Hale told News 2 he didn’t make any threatening moves, but it was still frightening. 

“No all he did was shake his… at me like it was a big joke,” said Hale.   

News 2 went to Jason Scholl’s Fairview home for reaction. From his door, Scholl says “it’s all a misunderstanding. I have no comment.” 

When asked if it’s inappropriate, Scholl says “yeah, it is inappropriate. I got no comment man.” 

When told that the woman was very offended, Scholl says “dude, (unintelligible) she made some comments she made, beforehand.” 

When asked to clarify if she said anything inappropriate, Scholl says, “beforehand…I won’t get into it, it don’t matter.” 

Ashley Hale is adamant that she never said anything provocative or inappropriate to Mr. Scholl to provoke the incident.  

When asked what she would say to him, Ashley Hale is passionate.  

“It is not ok to do this to women.  It is not ok for you to make me afraid to go to work. I need my job; my children’s livelihood depends on it.  And you are a coward for what you did to me.” 

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the indecent exposure charge is Mr. Scholl’s only arrest in Tennessee.  

On Thursday, Dunkin Donuts, where Hale works, issued this statement:  

At Dunkin’ Donuts, the safety of guests and restaurant crew members is a top priority. We are aware of the incident that took place at the Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant in Dickson, TN, and the restaurant’s franchise owner informs us that he has notified the proper authorities.  

News 2 also reached out to the Flash Market where Scholl was employed. So far, they have not returned the call. 

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