East Nashville man has tires stolen, car left on jack

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Early Saturday morning David Spinks walked outside to find his car sitting on a jack.  

“When I came around to get in the driver’s side, I noticed that both of the driver’s side wheels were gone,” Spinks said.  

He lives on Meridian Street where thieves stole two tires off his Nissan Altima. 

“Shock and then probably just anger, nobody wants to be stolen from,” he said. “There’s a big violation that you feel when that happens.”  

It’s a violation that also happened to Tessa Sturm in January.  

News 2 interviewed Sturm after thieves targeted her Dodge Challenger three times. Thieves first stole her lug nuts, then came back twice days later to steal all four of her tires 

“Who would do that? It’s so mean,” Sturm said during the January interview.  

It’s the kind of theft the mechanics at Bass Tires see all the time. 

“You may see once a week,” said general manager Aaron Lane. “You may see three times a week.” 

Lane says tire theft can cost around $4,000 especially if there’s damage 

“You’re talking four tires and four wheels and all new lug nuts,” Lane said.  

He says wheel locks are the best defense.  

The lock fastens the lug nut to the car, keeping the tire from being taken off. 

“He’s not going to be able to remove the wheel from the vehicle,” Lane said.  

It’s an investment Spinks says he’ll look into. Meanwhile, he wants to send a message to the thieves.  

“You’re probably going through hard times, a lot of people are, try not to steal things, man,” Spinks said. 

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