East Nashville bump and rob victim describes incident as horrifying

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A woman says she was the victim of a bump and rob in East Nashville and the suspect is a young teen.

The victim, still shaken doesn’t want to be identified.

She says it happened last Thursday night around 9 O’clock at the corner of McClurkin Ave and Inga Street.

As she was making a turn she heard a thump as though she had hit something.

“I got out of the car to look and see if I had hit something like maybe on the corner, a street sign, stop sign, like something I had brushed into.”

It was then she noticed a white vehicle at the stop sign behind her and a woman got out of the driver’s side.

“And she got out of her car, didn’t say anything to me (and) started looking around her car.”

It was dark so the victim went back to her car to grab her phone flashlight and take another look.

“And when I turned back around with my phone there was a kid, could have been anywhere from 12-16 he was very young.”

He was armed with a gun.

“He said give us everything you have,” she explained

The victim pointed to her purse in the car.

“I just tried actually to not make any eye contact, in case somehow giving them anonymity was less threatening and I just backed away. He grabbed my purse out of the car and then he asked me for my phone so I put it on the ground, backed away. He seemed nervous, I don’t want to be around someone with a gun who is nervous,” she said.

She was compliant.

“It actually made me more freaked out that it was a kid. Just disbelief. this is a kid and he’s holding a gun and that’s a real gun like I could really be hurt right now. I could have easily been shot.”

She says the kid got in the car and the two sped away.

Metro police say if your car is hit from behind and there is suspicion, drive to a well-lit place and call the police.

“This is a real danger that you should be really worried about,” the victim stated.

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