Drug pipeline into Middle Tennessee remains a constant, drug agents say

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The drug pipeline into Middle Tennessee is a constant.

Whether it’s secret compartments on vehicles coming out of Mexico, or in a suitcase under the belly of a plane, the flow is overwhelming.

Agents with the 18th Judicial Task Force told News 2 mailing contraband is still a prominent delivery system for drugs, too.

“Using the posting service, FedEx or UPS to ship coke, hallucinogens and marijuana, especially marijuana from places where it is legal now – California and Colorado – we get that shipped in constantly,” explained a drug agent.

Recent News 2 investigations found a man picking up two pounds of gift-wrapped pot at the Ashland City Post Office. He was arrested.

A few weeks later, News 2 uncovered an illegal delivery of marijuana wax mailed to an unsuspecting Belle Meade home. The package began in Colorado. No arrests have been made in connection to that case, according to investigator, Tom Sexton.

Drug agents told News 2 the sheer number of packages moving through the system make detection difficult.

“There’s so much of it,” an agent said. “It is overwhelming to the postal inspectors, overwhelming to us. We depend on postal carriers, or employees thinking that something is suspicious and let us know and then we come and take care of it.”

The agent continued, “If it flies under the radar, then it flies under the radar and nobody knows. There’s so much going through and it’s like the interstate. They say we get less than one percent of what is moving through with cash and drugs and that is how much is getting by and with as much as we work we can’t catch it all, there’s so much moving around.”

On Thursday, in every newscast, News 2 will investigate Tennessee’s Drug Pipeline. Our special reports take you inside the war on drugs and the suppliers bringing them here.

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