CrimeTracker: Overall crime down from 2018 to 2019 in South precinct

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Home burglaries and car thefts are up in the area covered by the Metro police south precinct, while homicides and street robberies are down, according to recent crime statistics from the police department.

The data, which runs from January 1 through March 2 of both years, showed the area experienced a 2.5-percent decrease in violent and property crimes from 1,010 in 2018 to 985 in 2019.

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There were three homicides during that time period in 2018. One has been reported this year in south precinct. That’s a drop of about 66.7 percent.

Street robberies were also down from 94 to 71, a decrease of approximately 25-percent.

(Graphic: WKRN) 

Home burglaries increased from 74 in 2018 to 95 in 2019, a 28-percent rise over that same time period.

The number of car thefts reported to police also increased from 107 to 119, up about 11-percent.

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Which precinct do you live in? Here is the map provided by Metro police.

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