Columbia man accused of driving over victim, then through convenience store

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COLUMBIA, Tenn., (WKRN) — A Columbia man has been released from a hospital – lucky to be alive – after a brutal attack where he was hit by a car and knocked through a building.

According to Columbia Police, it started as a domestic incident Sunday afternoon at a convenience store on Santa Fe Pike.

Police said Damon Jones attempted to run over a juvenile and others in the parking lot.

As the incident intensified, witnesses told police that the 43-year-old first slammed other vehicles and the gasoline pump protectors before slamming into the victim. The victim was was then carried with the speeding automobile through the side of the store.

The violence, fear, and confusion could be heard in the phone calls to 911 just moments before the collision.

  • Caller: 2 people are out here fighting, trying to run over each other and everything.
  • Caller: Hurry! Please hurry!
  • 911 dispatcher: Is there any weapons?
  • Caller: Oh my God!

There was a pause as a tremendous, thundering crash happened in the background.

Then muffled screams were heard as the dispatcher tried to figure out what happened.

After a few moments, the callers are even more alarmed and continued asking for help.

  • Caller: Please hurry! Someone is dead!
  • 911 dispatcher: Is someone dead? Did they shoot someone?
  • Caller: A man just ran over someone in the west side.

Julianne Hammerle, a frequent patron of the store, drove by the building a few minutes after the incident.

“Wow! That is insane. I would hope that man who was hit is ok. I’m praying for him and his family and hope everything will be ok. We weren’t sure what happened, but we knew that it must have been something crazy cause there was a car there and a dent in the back and the car in the thing.”

Damon Jones is currently in the Maury County Jail. He is charged with attempted 1st degree murder. News 2 asked him for an interview and he declined.

Maury Regional Medical Center staff told News 2 the man who was injured has been treated and released.

A second man was also arrested for aggravated assault. He was charged after the incident. Police say he arrived at the station and approached Damon Jones with a baseball bat threatening to harm him.

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