Columbia, Maury County authorities investigating incidents of vandalism involving fireworks

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MAURY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Authorities in Maury County and Columbia are searching for whoever used powerful fireworks to cause damage and frighten multiple families.

The calls to 911 began around 9 p.m. Thursday night.

In Columbia, 911 received a call from a man who heard a loud bang. When he investigated, he found a hole blown through the bottom of his thick city garbage buggy and trash can parts blown across the street.

Here’s the man’s 911 call:

Caller: My trash can just exploded. It’s torn up and so is the concrete around it. It was a really loud bang and our trash can exploded, and part of it is across the street like there’s bits everywhere.”

City Police and the Columbia Fire Marshals office are investigating.

Stephen Otero with the Columbia Fire Marshals office told News 2, “It looks like fireworks. The trash can was completely destroyed by the fireworks. It’s concerning. Apparently, someone is out there conducting this and scaring residents and families.”

Three miles away, just outside the city limits, the explosive vandals struck again, approximately 15 minutes later.

This time, a heavy metal mailbox was blown apart with pieces exploding 20 yards away.

Cory Ross, a retired marine and father of five, described the scene to News 2.

“My first thought was is someone targeting us? And I don’t think they were targeting us, but it’s a bad feeling to think they might have,” he said.

Ross told News 2 his 13-year-old daughter discovered the damage and he is concerned that she might have been injured in the prank.

“I thought, how powerful it must have been, and they might not have any training to handle that. I thought, ‘what if someone had come by, and they just lit the fuse?’ What if my kid, who found the mailbox, my 13-year-old, what if she was coming by a little earlier and it blew up then? Because this thing blew 20 yards out!”

The 52-year-old has this message for the vandals.

“My message is, look for something productive to do with your time. Look for a way to make our community better, not worse, and just have respect.”

The Columbia Fire Marshal and police department are working on the exploded garbage can case, while the Maury County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the blown up mailbox.

If you have any information, please call the authorities.

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