Clarksville teen arrested after pulling gun in road rage incident

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Blane Christenson says he was trying to keep his workers safe when he told a driver to slow down Tuesday afternoon.  

“A gentleman was speeding down the road towards us,” Christenson said.  

It happened on Luxury Drive. Christenson says he waved his hands to get the driver’s attention. 

“He came to a skid right in front of us,” he said.   

But he didn’t expect what came next. 

“He told me he was going to shoot me,” Christenson said. “He was reaching into his console and between his seats, looking for something and then he pulled out a gun and pointed it at us.”  

Christenson, who owns Angus Lawn Care and Property Services, called police. They arrested 18-year-old Colby Horn for aggravated assault. 

“I didn’t think it would escalate that fast,” he said.  

Jim Knoll, public information officer for Clarksville Police Department, sees it all the time. 

“With road rage incidents, we probably have at least one a day,” Knoll said.  

Since January, there have been at least 50 reported road rage incidents in Montgomery County.  

Four of the incidents involved guns, according to police. 

“Somebody pulled out a gun,” Knoll said. “Somebody spit at somebody. Somebody’s made gestures. We’ve had people duking it out in the streets.”  

In February, a man shot into a couple’s car on Vietnam Veteran’s Parkway in Goodlettsville.  

The back of the vehicle was hit, the bullet passing through the door and into the back seat.  

Knoll says there’s always a risk when confronting a driver.  

“Anytime you make some sort of gesture, whether it’s verbal or a hand gesture, there could be potential consequences to it,” Knoll said.  

For now, Christenson is just grateful things didn’t turn out worse. 

“Glad we didn’t get hurt, and hopefully, he doesn’t do it again,” Christenson said.  

Horn is being held on a $75,000 bond. 

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