Clarksville Army sergeant accused of murdering future brother-in-law

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CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A 24-year-old Texas man had just moved to Clarksville last November with his pregnant fiancé after losing his job during the pandemic.

But within five days of moving in with his fiancé’s sister and her husband, Austin Moss was murdered.

On Monday Army Sgt. Scott Haynes Jr. was arrested following a grand jury indictment on a first-degree murder charge. Haynes Jr. is accused of murdering his future brother-in-law over an argument about a dog peeing on the couch.

“I cry every single day,” Moss’ mother Melissa Lowe Gomez said. “My son had no fighting chance to even get away. To even try to protect himself. To even get away from the gunshot. He had the upper hand on my child already.”

Lowe Gomez said Moss was on crutches at the time. The gunshot, she said, was within close proximity to Moss’ fiancé and her daughter.

Moss’ fiancé gave birth to their first child together, a little boy, in June. She relocated back to Texas following Moss’ murder to raise her children alone and be closer to family.

Lowe Gomez said while she’s happy to have a piece of her son on Earth, it will never bring Moss back.

“I asked for life in prison so his child could still see him. Not the death penalty. At first, I wanted blood for blood. I did,” Lowe Gomez said.

Lowe Gomez was told Haynes Jr.’s next court appearance is scheduled for October. Haynes Jr. is also charged with reckless endangerment.

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