Cheatham deputies hunt for reckless driver with outstanding warrants

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CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Cheatham County deputies are on the lookout for a dangerous driver who put many motorists in danger Wednesday afternoon.

It all began before noon, when multiple motorists contacted a deputy saying a driver out there had been reckless and drove them off the road.

“That’s correct. I had four victims who pulled over and flagged me down and they all told me the same thing. He was coming at them at a high rate of speed and ran them off the road,” said Deputy David Diaz.

It’s not long after that Deputy Diaz confronted the renegade motorist, later identified as Danny Vowell.

On body cam, you can see the deputy step out of the car, pull his weapon and shout for the wanted man to stop.

“He starts yelling at me. He says ‘I didn’t do nothing. I didn’t do nothing,'” said Diaz.

Vowell, 29, disregarded the commands and drove around the deputy. He punched it and drove quickly out of sight down Abernathy Road, an extremely windy road.

Deputy Diaz told News 2, he used caution and eventually came across Vowell’s SUV, a white Yukon.

Dashcam revealed the engine was smoking and at least one front tire was shredded.

As the deputy maneuvers into position, he is cautious, pulling his gun out.

On camera, you hear him say, “I can’t tell if the guy’s in the car or not.”

Unclear whether the wanted man is still inside the smoking vehicle or perhaps hiding in the wood line, the deputy waits for back up.

It’s then that the deputies gather their assault weapons and begin searching the woods and nearby properties.

After an extensive search, the manhunt is called off.

Deputies told News 2 they believe Vowell probably called someone to pick him up.

Diaz has this message to Mr. Vowell.

“We are big on hunting down people who run from us so we are coming.”

Vowell is wanted on a slew of charges in Cheatham that include reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon, evading arrest and driving on a revoked license that dates back to 2010. And News 2 has learned that Vowell has warrants out of Williamson County and multiple warrants out of Texas.

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