Cheatham County drug agents stop bizarre attempt to sneak drugs into jail

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CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Cheatham County drug agents stopped a bizzare plan to sneak heroin and cigarettes into the Cheatham County Jail.

Agents developed intelligence that the plan was taking shape around mid-June. On June 22, agents were in position when the plan began to unfold.

Investigators shared video and pictures to News 2, the odd package they seized was roughly the size of a golf ball. Inside was a condensed package containing nine crumpled cigarettes and 1.5 grams of heroin.

The heroin was wrapped up inside a dollar bill and the entire package was heat shrunk and weighted with coins to give it enough weight.

Agents say the idea was to throw the package over an exterior wall at a specific time. The plan called for the package to fall through an opening in a roof that covers the exercise yard.

According to drug agents, Britani Chapman was on the outside. She purchased heroin, cigarettes, and agents say she compressed it all into a contraband ball.

Agents say inmates Johnny Edwards Jr. and Andrew Henton arranged to be in the exercise yard at a certain time. The plan called for Chapman to throw the package over a high exterior wall.

The plan might have worked, except drug agents stopped it before it ever had a chance.

Video surveillance from June 22 shows Chapman circling the jail multiple times in her Nissan Maxima. When she backed in and got out, drug agents swooped in.

Investigators say they found the contraband stuffed in Chapman’s shirt. Agents say they stopped her before she could throw the item over the wall because if she was successful, the items inside the package could cause fights, or in the case of the heroin, possibly death.

“As far as the cigarettes, they are an expensive commodity in jail. As far as the heroin, and she admitted it to be heroin, if it is not pure, let’s say it has fentanyl, and it is spread among inmates, we could have major overdoses, and if not caught quickly, we could have deaths as well,” said an anonymous drug agent to News 2.

Britani Chapman is charged with possession of heroin, introduction of contraband into a penal institution, and resisting arrest. Andrew Henton and Johnny Edwards Jr. were both charged with introduction of contraband and conspiracy.

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