Cars stolen from Murfreesboro dealership tracked down in Ala.

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Several cars stolen from a Murfreesboro car dealership have been tracked down in Alabama. 

Thieves were able to get away with four SUV’s from the GM of Murfreesboro by breaking into the lock boxes on the vehicles.  

The dealership keeps keys for each car – new or in for service – in the boxes.  

“There were two that were getting repaired and two that belonged to us at the dealership,” Service Manager Ron Vandekraats told News 2. 

Vandekraats was first in Tuesday morning. 

“I noticed one of our blocker cars, the window was smashed in and it had been rolled back about 10 feet,” he told News 2. 

Vandekraats said his first thought was they had been hit with vandalism. 

“Then about 1:30 in the afternoon we discovered our first car missing and over the next three hours we discovered three more missing,” he explained. 

The broken lock boxes were left behind. 

“According to the lockbox manufacturer, they are unbreakable, but we found that they are breakable,” Vandekraats said.  

He added it looked like the thieves used a large tool to break the hinge and metal cutters to break them off the vehicles. 

The four stolen SUV’s were located quickly thanks to OnStar technology. Three were found in Alabama, and one that was in to be repaired was found broken down on 840. 

Vandekraats believes the thieves are part of a much bigger ring. 

“Yeah, my feeling is that it’s definitely part of a bigger ring. You know a lot of times they will take these cars, obviously, I’m speculating, but they will take these cars and they will ship them overseas or they just get dismantled and all the parts get sold,” he said.  

He said this is at least the third incident this year where the dealership has been hit by thieves and they want to assure it doesn’t happen again.  

They are now in the process of installing a complete surveillance video system in the parking lot, as well as finding a new way to secure the keys. 

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