Car snoopers caught on camera in Cane Ridge

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A fed up neighbor turns to home surveillance cameras in Cane Ridge, and it pays off. 

First thing every morning, Fallon Washington checks her surveillance system for notifications to see if anything has happened overnight. 

Around five Monday morning, her cameras caught a group of young men, checking car doors outside her home on Sundown Drive. 

Other neighbors chimed in on Facebook, believing their cars were targeted as well. 

Even more concerning, this happened just over a month after Fallon’s car was stolen, despite the doors being locked. 

She’s concerned what might happen, should these crimes persist. 

“It’s very frustrating, and it has caused me not to have anxiety, but me to be anxious. They have kind of stolen our peace at home,” Fallon explained. “The community is on high alert and is ready to take action. So, I just hope the law gets them before anyone else does.

Fallon tells News 2 she has filed a report with Metro Police. 

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