Murfreesboro police are on the hunt for a group of burglars who broke into a home and stole a 35-year-old gun collection, and it’s all captured on video.  

The burglars also stole jewelry and personal items, including all the family’s important documents.  

The homeowners are now fearful the rifles and handguns could end up in hands of criminals who could use them to commit other crimes.  

Two of the suspects are captured on the homeowner’s camera casually walking up to the front door of the home, spotting a camera and quickly turning around.  

“That’s a camera,” one of the suspects is heard saying.  

But that didn’t stop them from leaving. The burglars broke in a side window and entered the Apollo Drive home last Saturday.  

Jon and Ana Gabel were in New Jersey celebrating his father’s birthday.  

“I check it every time it rings except when I was at the party dancing with my wife and that’s exactly when that happened,” Jon Gabel said.  “I didn’t check it for a few hours and that’s when I seen it.”  

Three other suspects joined in on the home burglary.    

It took all five of them to carry out a locked gun safe, with 15 rifles, six handguns, a muzzleloader and other weapons inside.  

They are seen on video loading it into the back of what is believed to be a white Lincoln Navigator.  

“I have guns in there that are over 35-years-old I bought you know,” Gabel said.  “It’s mostly older guns, nothing really new, except my boy has a couple new guns in there.”  

The homeowners are worried where these guns could end up in the wrong hands.  

“It’ll be very bad if they end up in the wrong hands, very bad,” Gabel said.   

The burglars also ransacked the master bedroom and the son’s bedroom looking for anything of value.  

“They ransacked my bedroom, every drawer, the mattress upturned, other than that, my boy’s bedroom, you know, they looked through his drawers too,” Gabel said.  “Other than that, you know, they didn’t destroy anything other than the window and door they broke.”  

In addition to stealing the gun collection, the thieves took thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry, including the couple’s his and hers Rolex watches they got as a wedding gift and a lot of diamonds and pearls.   

They also took a briefcase containing the family’s important documents, including insurance papers, mortgage info, and vehicle titles.  

“Her (wife) information, her Green Card, her Permanent Residence, Social Security Card, Passport, everything is gone,” Gabel said.  

The crooks were inside more than an hour before leaving. Five hours later they returned, stealing TVs, gaming systems and other items.  

The family said the burglars not only stole their stuff, they also stole their sense of security.  

A detective has been assigned to the case who has gotten several leads on who these burglars are, even though most had their faces covered.  

If you recognized anyone in the video or heard about someone selling guns and jewelry on the streets, give CrimeStoppers a call at (615) 893-STOP (7867).