ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. (WKRN) – More victims are speaking out, describing the trouble they experienced after a thief, dubbed the “bloody bandit”, allegedly struck their businesses.

According to Ashland City Police, Ray McGhee confessed to two Ashland City burglaries, and the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Department has also charged the 37-year-old McGhee with stealing electronics at the Calvary Bible Church.

McGhee is now in the Cheatham County Jail and he agreed to an interview with News 2. However, when it came time to answer questions in person, the man who claims he is from Franklin, Tennessee was laconic.

Andy Cordan: They dubbed you the bloody bandit; did you know that?

McGhee: No.

Cordan: You were bleeding everywhere?

McGhee: Yeah.

Codan: you left a blood trail?

*McGhee nodded affirmatively.

Cordan: Would you say anything to all the places you broke into?

McGhee: No.

Cordan: Is there anything you want to talk about?

McGhee: No.

Cordan: Are you sorry about anything?

McGhee: I don’t want to speak about it right now.

In addition to his acts of crime in Cheatham County, McGhee is accused of stealing two cars in Nashville.

Video from the Hemp Factory Outlet in Joelton from August 10th at 10:44 p.m. shows a man, now identified as McGhee, picking up a stone from the parking lot, then throwing it multiple times against the glass door.

Once through the first door, McGhee smashed his way through a second glass door.

Once inside the store, he rummaged around the counter and when the alarm began blaring, he ripped an old flat screen off the wall and pushed it through the holes in both doors.

When told that McGhee would not say anything to victims, Nemo, the store owner who chose to only use her first name, said this.

“He should stop doing drugs and try to be a better citizen. Maybe he should go and find a job. Anyone in the hemp industry, there are people who want employees. So he could have found a job, and learned something new and made better money instead of stealing and going to prison.”

According to Nemo, watching the video makes her angry. She said the TV is not worth anything, but the door repair will cost her business $850.

When McGhee pushed the television through the shards of broken glass, the store owner said that is when McGhee cut his hand.

It is this cut, along with the blood trail found at Calvary Bible Church and two Ashland City stores that prompted detectives to label McGhee the “bloody bandit”.

Nemo looked around the store at all of the Cannabidiol products that she and her husband created.

When asked why he didn’t take any of the products, Nemo chuckled.

“Yeah, and it would have helped his health too, I think,” she said.

While McGhee was breviloquent with News 2, he reportedly opened up to Detective Bill Powers of the Ashland City Police Department.

“We got to talking to him, and he admitted he had a drug problem. We delved deeper and asked what his drug of choice was, and he admitted it was crack cocaine,” Detective Powers said.

McGhee was arrested by the airport police after he allegedly ran into a Chevy Camaro, fled and then was charged with DUI near the airport.

At this hour, Metro police have not charged McGhee with the CBD store break in and two auto thefts detectives say he is associated with.

Cheatham County investigators told News 2 McGhee was busted in Pegram, Cheatham County approximately 10 years ago. He reportedly broke into a home and was charged with aggravated burglary.