NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Metro Police tell News 2 that a 22-year-old woman was jogging near Sevier Park when she was nearly abducted.

Police say they’re investigating an attempted kidnapping based on a report filed on Saturday.

“It’s really scary that you know things can happen to you and in an area that seems pretty safe,” said Belmont University Student Jamie Byrnes.

The unidentified young woman was a Belmont student, according to the university. Belmont Campus Security sent out an email alerting student to the incident.

In the email stating that students should remain vigilant when on and off campus.

“We are in a major city so you always have to be watching out for everything going on but I definitely don’t think of 12South as an area that you would have to be constantly watching your back,” Byrnes said.

According to the police report the woman described that an older model, dark minivan pulled up next to her while she was jogging. She said one man was driving while another opened up the door and tried to grab her.

“You kind of start to think like if it had been me would I have reacted the same way, maybe not,” Byrnes said.

Luckily the student got away and was able to tell police what the vehicle looked like. She described the minivan to have tape on the front right headlight, according to the report.

Byrnes said it’s uncharacteristic of the 12 South area to fear for your safety.

“An area where you can go with friends or hang out in between classes or on the weekend or go for a jog,” Byrnes said.

Police say they’re investigating the incident. Although the intent of the suspects is unclear.