Bellevue woman warns others to lock car doors after she says man tried to get into her car at stoplight

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BELLEVUE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Bellevue woman feared for her life at a stoplight in broad daylight Thursday, she said after a man came up to her car door trying to open it and banging on the window.

“He was beating on the window and kept trying to open the door and I just looked over and I saw him, and immediately my first reaction was to just take off and get out of there,” said Leanne Kirkham.

Kirkham said she was in fight or flight mode after pulling off Interstate 40 at Exit 196 in Bellevue, a small silver SUV with two men pulled up behind her at the red light, the passenger got out and came right up to her window.

“He was trying the door, trying repeatedly to open the door and then started hitting the window, and when he started hitting the window, that’s when I pulled off,” explained Kirkham.

She ran the red light heading south on Highway 70.

“I looked through the rear-view mirror to see him go back and get back in the car, and then the car started following me,” she said.

Kirkham tells News 2 she doesn’t know what they wanted, but they weren’t giving up. She drove through another intersection with a red light and said that’s where they got stuck.

“I was swerving around trying not to have an accident,” recalled Kirkham, “And the car that almost hit me coming out of the red light that I ran, stopped in the middle of the road and blocked him from being able to move forward.”

She pulled off into a shopping complex and ditched behind the businesses, she said she did not see them after that.

She and her mother called police to give a description of the vehicle and man.

“He was wearing a black tank top, black shorts and sunglasses… either white or Hispanic, he had his head shaved or cut really close,” described Kirkham.

She adds that her saving grace was her automatic door locks.

“But there’s still cars out there with doors that don’t automatically lock, so I would highly advise everyone to keep their doors locked,” said Kirkham.

Kirkham was coming from lunch in South Nashville. She said she did not see the vehicle on the interstate.

Anyone with information on this crime or other crimes can call Nashville Crime Stoppers at 615-74-CRIME or you can submit a tip online by clicking here. You may be eligible for a cash reward up to $1,000.

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