Belle Meade PD gives man ride home after rideshare driver’s arrest

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A rideshare passenger got a free ride home from the Belle Meade Police Dept. after his driver got pulled over and arrested. 

The arrest was made using the city’s comprehensive license plate recognition technology with cameras placed at 19 locations across Belle Meade city limits. 

Belle Meade PD officials told News 2 it all started with the man, now identified as Patrick Casey, Jr.,  suspected of stealing mail out of people’s mailboxes in order to obtain financial data and credit card offers from banks. 

Now, the 40-year-old man is facing charges of theft of property and identity theft. 

“We’ve got two cases we feel he cleared, ” Chief Tim Eades said. “How many others he’s involved in? No telling.”

According to Belle Meade Police, Casey has been stealing people’s financial information. Police showed News 2 surveillance video from a nearby bank showing what appears to be Casey depositing a stolen check using fraudulent information obtained from a mailbox. 

“I think he was a pretty busy guy for a while,” Eads said. 

Belle Meade PD developed Casey as a suspect in the crimes, entered his vehicle information into the city’s plate-recognition technology and then waited for him to come back to the area. 

On Sunday morning, they got a hit when cameras captured the man’s Toyota Carolla rolling through Belle Meade around 5 a.m.

An officer quickly located the car and arrested Casey. 

Belle Meade PD Chief Tim Eads is proud of his new camera system, which acts as a crime barrier for the upscale area of Nashville.  

“If you are a wanted individual, there’s a good chance you will be intercepted,” Eads told News 2. 

The twist to the story? Patrick Casey was working as a rideshare driver that morning and he had a passenger in his back seat at the time of his arrest. 

Chief Eads said the least his department could do was give the poor guy a ride home after the ordeal. 

“Well, we had adequate personnel on and a small department — he was doing the right thing, so the least we could was give him a free ride,” Eads said. 

Mr. Casey has since bonded out of jail and is expected back in court in June. Belle Meade officials say he is now a suspect in other cases.

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