Authorities continue hunt for ‘MAC-10 bandit” as he strikes again in Sumner Co.

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SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A robber dubbed the “MAC-10 bandit” has struck again and police in Gallatin are fearful that he may escalate his level of violence if he is not caught soon.

It happened at the Station Camp Market on Longhollow Pike this past Sunday Night just before 8 p.m.

Surveillance footage shows a 38-year-old female clerk throwing her hands up in fear as the MAC-10 bandit bursts into the store demanding the cash.

The thief forced the clerk behind the counter and used a women’s purse to collect the money. He left in less than a minute.

Sunny Patel owns the store with his family. The female clerk is his family member. He was in the beer cooler when the bandit burst in.

“She was very scared and crying and all that,” said Patel.

When Gallatin police arrive, you can hear the fear in the clerk’s voice as she recounts the frightening moments.

“Our victim was very afraid, very scared. She told us she thought she was going to die,” said Lamar Ballard of the Gallatin Police Department.

On Dec. 2, the MAC-10 bandit struck a Portland convenience store.

In that robbery, the thief came in through a fence from a bordering neighborhood. The thief hid in the shadows on the side of the store, waiting for the store to empty. When it did, he ran in with his MAC 10.

On that surveillance footage, you can hear audio and the anxiety in the bandit’s voice as he demands the cash.

MAC 10 BANDIT: I don’t know why you are taking your time, come on.
All of it. Put it in there. Hurry up.
What did I say? What did I say?

Lamar Ballard says the bandit is a tall thin black man who in this robbery had a woman’s purse and a blue jacket with a white-collar. He says the bandit is carrying a MAC 10 in both robberies.

“it is a mac 10, a small compact weapon, it’s a rare weapon not the majority of the public has.”

Police are fearful the mac 10 bandit’s actions could escalate and it is important to get him off the street.

if you have any information, or you recognize the man you are urged to call the Gallatin or Portland Police.

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