Ashland City Police say man threw drugs out window during traffic stop

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ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. (WKRN) — While conducting a traffic stop, Ashland City police officers got behind a suspect who allegedly threw drugs out a window.

It happened Wednesday evening when Ashland City police officer Ben Moore spotted a black Camaro driven by 25-year-old Austin Anderson.

Investigators said they had a reason to believe that Anderson may have had drugs.

“What you saw was a traffic stop where there was information that there was someone dealing in drugs,” said Ashland City Police Chief Kenny Ray.

Officer Moore followed behind Anderson on Highway 49 when he saw a Mason jar thrown out of the car. Moore stops Anderson and the two men discuss the stop and the allegations.

Anderson: May I ask why I got pulled over?
Ofc. Moore: Yeah, two reasons, tint violation and you threw that bag of weed out on the highway right there behind you.
Anderson: Threw a bag of weed out?
Ofc. Moore: Yeah…
Anderson: I don’t gave any weed.
Ofc. Moore: Hey partner, I won’t play stupid, I already saw what I saw, right in the middle of the road.
Anderson: Are you sure? I promise I did not. Are you seeing things? I smoke weed, I didn’t throw weed out, I don’t have anything. I know you are looking at me thinking I’m selling weed, I’m not selling weed. I didn’t have weed, I was told you would all be probably pulling me over. Look I don’t have anything. I have not done anything wrong. I promise you, man to man, I haven’t done anything. There is not weed in the middle of the road. I have not thrown weed out.
Ofc. Moore: Oh, there’s not?
Anderson: No
Ofc. Moore: You sure?
Anderson: Yes, 100 percent.
Ofc. Moore: Something exited your window, hit the ground, and as I passed it, I notice it is marijuana. It ain’t rocket science, that’s why you got stopped plus the window tint.
Anderson: I didn’t throw anything out. You might have seen something, but I didn’t throw anything out.
Ofc. Moore: Ok, is that what you are sticking with?

“The officer said he saw him throw it out, they went back and picked up as much of it as they could,” said Chief Ray.

A search of the car yielded close to $2,500 in cash. Officers found two semi-automatic pistols and multiple loaded magazines.

Anderson told officers that the guns belonged to him and that he kept them in his car for protection. He was charged with criminal littering, fabricating or tampering with evidence, manufacturing and possession of marijuana, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, and violation of an order of protection that he had been served with that morning.

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