Argument over ankle monitor may have led up to teen shooting, suicide

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A Nashville teenager shot his mother in the head and then turned the gun on himself, according to Madison Precinct detectives.  

A family member dialed 911 from a home on Chesapeake Drive at 8:25 p.m. Tuesday, saying Tiffany Redmon had been shot by her son, 17-year-old Jshaun Redmon.  

Tiffany Redmon turned 38 years old Wednesday and passed away the same day. 

The teen was found in a yard across the street from his home. Investigators say he shot himself in the head and died at the scene. 

“I saw him lying there but I couldn’t really look because I didn’t believe it was him,” said neighbor Michael Alford. “I kept saying ‘it can’t be, it can’t be’ because he don’t do nothing but walk around and walk to himself.” 

The Dickson County District Attorney said Jshaun Redmon faced criminal charges in juvenile court. He was wearing an ankle monitor pending a court hearing.  

According to those who spoke with the family, the son and mother were arguing leading up to the shooting about that ankle monitor. 

Community activists convened at the scene Wednesday and spoke with the teen’s aunt. 

“She’s tore all to pieces,” said Mothers Over Murder founder Clemmie Greenlee. “It sounds like she needs a sedative. She sounds disoriented. She was, no one was expecting a phone call like that.” 

It’s unclear how the teen obtained the gun. 

“We won’t be having no reduction in violence at all until we tackle these guns. This summer is going to be a bloody summer and Sunday,” Greenlee said. 

Greenlee also said that more resources must be available to youth in Nashville, including mental health help. 

“There are mental health issues in the black community, but nobody wants to touch that. Nobody wants to know their son or daughter got something going on, but they’ve got as much going on as they do with the person went into the school and shot 17 people at one time. We’ve got mental issues too people,” said Greenlee. 

The neighbor said he cut the teen’s hair and often saw the 17-year-old and his younger brother walking their dog around the neighborhood.  

“There was something probably bothering him for a long time, and no one knew,” Alford told News 2. 

The dog was seen wandering the neighborhood when News 2 arrived on the scene Wednesday. Metro Animal Care and Control came and retrieved the animal. 

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