Antioch man has his car broken into for 33rd time in 8 years

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On Wednesday morning, Stephen Burrum was getting ready to head to work. 

When he opened the door to his truck, he realized it had been broken into.  

“My glove box was wide open,” Burrum said.  

Everything was thrown on the floor and seats, although he says the only thing that was taken was a pack of cigarettes.  

“Didn’t have any valuables or anything like that,” he said.  

Surveillance video shows two males inside the truck early Wednesday morning.  

Burrum says it’s the 33rd time it’s happened to him in eight years.  

He lives on Birchmill Point South.   

He and his wife Michelle say they keep their doors locked most of the time, but it’s happened to her car too.  

“My car, probably about seven or eight different times,” said Michelle Burrum.  

It’s happened so often; the couple has installed about half a dozen security cameras around their home.  
“It’s the fact that they’re breaking in our vehicles just steps from our front door where our family sleeps,” Michelle Burrum said. “It’s kind of scary.” 

“It’s pretty frustrating to hear that it’s happened multiple times in the neighborhood,” said neighbor Tony Irvin.  

Irvin’s car was broken into about two weeks ago.  

“Everything was rummaged through,” Irvin said. “The center console was open, everything was pulled out.” 

Despite the numerous break-ins, Stephen and Michelle say they aren’t going anywhere and will make sure the doors to their vehicles are locked each and every night.  

“We’re proud of our neighborhood,” Michelle Burrum said. “We’re not going to let this defeat us. We’re not going to let this get to us.” 

“We’re going to stay here and fight.” 

The couple has reported each of the break-ins to police.  

They say they don’t know if the same suspects are responsible for each of the incidents.  

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