SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) – A four-month long Spring Hill police investigation into car burglaries and auto thefts culminated with the arrest of five Maury County teenagers.

Two of the teens are also accused of shooting at police.

According to investigators, the two boys were both 15 years old at the time of the incident. Both boys are now charged with attempted first degree murder. One of the alleged shooters was reportedly picked up and charged on his 16th birthday.

The arrest stems from a crime wave in Spring Hill the night of May 29 2021.

News 2 obtained body camera video showing officers chasing two stolen cars, driven by two
15-year-old boys.

Video shows the duo driving wildly, erratically and at times close to 100 mph.

One of the teens escaped from officers while the other teen wrecked his stolen car.

The teen ran from the wrecked car moments before officers arrived, guns drawn.

Video shows multiple police in cars and on foot running through a dark neighborhood behind Spring Hill High School, looking for the teen.

With officers closing in, the sound of a shot being fired was heard. Officers were obviously concerned, unsure where it came from.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt, but the teen escaped on foot into the darkness.

After an investigation that spanned multiple months, Spring Hill police now say they have arrested five Maury County teenagers associated with the crime spree.

The teens range in age from 15 to 16 years old.

Police say two of the suspects are boys while the other three are girls.

Police tell News 2 the group is charged with two auto thefts and seven burglaries, as well as evading and reckless endangerment.

Authorities say with officers close to catching the 15-year-old on the run, he called his other teenage accomplice for help. Police say that teen from a secret location fired multiple shots at police, allowing his friend to escape.

News 2 has learned that multiple jurisdictions are now looking at all of the teenagers for similar offenses in multiple jurisdictions.

The two young men charged with attempted first degree murder are still in custody. The three girls have all been released.

The investigation is still active. Police say anyone who has any information regarding the crime spree from May 29 should contact authorities.