2 men arrested after going on alleged crime spree in Middle Tennessee

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Two men sitting in the Sumner County Jail may just be the answer to several unsolved armed robberies around Middle Tennessee over the last week. 

Hendersonville arrested the duo this past Wednesday for auto burglaries, but investigators say the men also appear to be armed robbery suspects from MTSU to Metro.  

“If you are up to no good and you are a criminal I wouldn’t drive through here,” said Belle Meade police chief Tim Eads.  

Belle Meade police encountered the men this past Monday evening. The video was taken by the city’s comprehensive license plate recognition cameras posted along the major thoroughfares surrounding Belle Meade. 

Detective Tom Sexton, viewing the video, described two cars driving by.  

“Two individuals watching her leave the bank.” 

The video shows a Belle Meade woman driving home from the bank. Police say the car following closely behind the victim is occupied by two armed robbery suspects. Nigel Ramsey and Gregory Falls.  

“They followed up on their hunches this lady might have some money,” said Sexton.  

Tom Sexton interviewed Ramsey and he admitted the men followed the Belle Meade woman home from the bank and were planning to rob her. 

Sexton says the men approached the woman and her dog began barking. The men told the dog to shut up, which alarmed the woman who hit her panic alarm on her car scaring the men away. 

tom: “It is without a doubt they were going to rob this young lady.”  

According to Belle Meade police, within 10 minutes, the duo pulled a gun on a family in Metro on Kenner.  

Tom Sexton says the men admitted to this crime as well.  

Two days later, on Jan 9, quick thinking Hendersonville cops caught Ramsey and Falls in the Millstone subdivision, where they were allegedly burglarizing cars. 

When Hendersonville police stopped the men, they had drugs and a firearm. It turns out the men are also suspects in a brazen armed robbery on the MTSU campus on Jan. 4, where two masked men used a handgun to rob multiple people.  

The men were later identified as Ramsey and Falls after being seen using a victim’s credit card in a Nashville convenience store. 

When asked what the men’s motive is, Tom Sexton says, “According to Mr. Ramsey he is homeless and needing money.” 

At this time, the suspects are in jail. Multiple agencies put their cases together.  

So far, Belle Meade police have not filed charges against the men since they did not harm or rob the woman. 

News 2 checked with metro police and though there are no charges filed in the Kenner Avenue armed robbery, area investigators say the crimes are similar and the connection is actively being investigated.  

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