2 arrested in string of car burglaries in Sumner, Macon County

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Four law enforcement agencies in Sumner and Macon County teamed up to take down two suspects accused in 15 auto burglaries. 

Portland Police shared Ring camera footage from May 16 in Portland. 

In the video, you can see a man wearing a bandana entering an unlocked car. He takes what he can get and moves on. 

Portland police say as many as 15 cars were burglarized in several neighborhoods. 

“They are easy targets — easy way to make money,” explains Vince Ludovissy with Portland P.D. “You walk down the street and try car doors until you get something.”

The suspects in the crime spree are now identified as Steven Andrew Durham and Travis Blake Rigsbee. Police say two 21-year-old men are responsible for taking a lot of items — from guns to ammo to electronics. 

Detectives say a .38 Special was taken that night. Police recovered the holster but not the handgun. 

“None of these guys broke any windows,” Ludovissy said. 

Detectives say they got a big break in the case when Steven Durham allegedly tried to sell a unique shotgun to a man who knows the family from whom the gun was stolen. 

“It’s a Youth model .410 shotgun with a unique pattern — this was taken in a burglary with a .22 rifle there,” Ludovissy explained. “One of the people he tried to sell it to knew the victim and knew the victim lost it, and they put together a little controlled buy and Westmoreland PD made the arrest.”

Carl Weatherbee is one of the victims who was at the police getting some of his possessions back. He told News 2’s Andy Cordan he felt violated after the robbery. 

Weatherbee’s home surveillance camera captured the bandits approaching his family’s vehicles around 3:30 a.m. 

They tried his car and his wife’s car, but both vehicles were locked. They moved on to his 17-year-old son’s pickup truck, which was unlocked. 

The bad guys steal a bag containing a watch, a PlayStation and teenager’s homework. 

“I asked him if his teachers believed his homework got stolen,” Weatherbee joked. 

He says the Portland Police and other agencies did a great job solving the case quickly and getting many victims their possessions back. 

Both Rigsbee and Durham were locked up on theft charges and are being held on $55,000 bonds.

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