15-year-old arrested for alleged murder of his father

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A teen is in custody after allegedly murdering his father, according to police. 

15-year-old Michael Goff III was arrested in connection with the May 26 murder of his father, 57-year-old Michael Lee Goff Jr. 

Police said Goff III told them on May 27 that he and his father were riding in South Nashville, when Goff Jr. stopped the car, gave his son his watch, said “I love you”, walked into a wooded area and never returned. 

Detectives said witnesses reported that on May 28, Goff III showed them cuts and scratches on his hands and told them he killed someone a few days earlier with razor wire. 

According to a release, detectives also got a tip that another 15-year-old likely had information on the murder. Police said the teen returned from out of state this week and reported that Goff III came to his home on May 26 and said that he had just killed his father. 

The teen told police he went with Goff III to dispose of Goff Jr’s body and witnessed Goff III take money and other items from the body. 

Police said they recovered more bones from the wooded area near Percy Priest Lake, which they discovered this week. The bones are being analyzed for identification. 

Detectives stated that Goff III refused to answer their questions after his arrest. The other 15-year-old is considered to be a witness at this point. 

Michael Goff was reported missing by his mother in Late May. 

His bones were found at Percy Priest Lake earlier this month in a duffle bag

The bag was found deep in the woods near Lincoya Bay Apartments, at the popular bluffs over Percy Priest Lake.

It was close to a popular point where people jump or take a rope swing into the water.

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